Joseph F. Grogan

Funeral Director
Shop Street
Co. Galway
Established 1945


Eco friendly coffins

Local Funeral director, Joseph Grogan has been appointed as an agent for environmentally friendly coffins. All the coffins are made from 100% natural or recycled products. This is a major growth area in the funeral business with 15% plus of all funerals in the UK using eco friendly coffins and there is significant growth in other foreign markets. In a recent independent survey carried out 60% of Irish people surveyed stated that they would like to be buried in an eco friendly fashion. The coffins are made from recycled cardboard, bamboo, willow and water hyacinth leaf.

Cardboard Coffins: These cardboard coffins are easily the strongest and the best on the market. They are made from recycled cardboard, which provides strength and stability whilst being 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo Coffins: These coffins are constructed of 2 layers of woven bamboo to give its distinctive pattern.

Water Hyacinth Coffins: Curved one end, the hand woven water hyacinth is fitted with six wooden handles, name plate and seven toggles to secure the lid. Lined with a cotton lining.

Willow Coffins: Traditional shaped coffin in weather-beaten gold willow, inlaid with dark green bands. Fitted with six woven willow handles. Interior lined with an unbleached natural cotton lining.